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But when they went viral, launching out of the orbit of makeup social media and into the mainstream internet, things took a dark turn. The phrase, it should be noted, did not originate with this user, but seemed to explode in popularity subsequent to this exchange.

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The implication of the phrase, which eventually turned into a meme itself, was clear: Women are trying to deceive men, using the various tricks of the beauty industry to lure unsuspecting paramours into relationships. For women, the world of beauty often presents a difficult, if not outright impossible, situation to navigate. There is, in theory, an optimal amount of effort that deftly balances looking attractive with not caring too much about your appearance, but where that perfect mix is can be pretty hard to pinpoint — and where, exactly, it lies depends a lot on what sort of looks you were born with.

Why the animosity toward makeup? The general sentiment — which pervades virtually all arguments against makeup — seems to be that women who eschew beauty culture are more authentic and, as a result, inherently better partners. Which, I suppose, makes it that much more ironic that the photos chosen to illustrate this celebration of going makeup-free are all stock images secured from Thinkstock — photos that, unsurprisingly, are definitely showcasing women who are wearing makeup.

When I ask Baze Mpinja, a former beauty editor for "Glamour," for her thoughts on the look, she offers another possibility for its popularity. What kind of work goes into being pretty? Among those that make an appearance are eyebrow plucking, nose hair plucking, heel buffing, donning Spanx, exfoliating facial skin, curling eyelashes, curling hair, bleaching facial hair, and — in a scene that ends with a shot of blood spattered on the bathroom wall —self-administered waxing of the hair inside her buttocks.

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  4. So much about the ideal women are taught to aspire to — the gravity-defying yet ample breasts, the silky smooth skin, the muscular yet buxom body — is an artificial construct, effortlessly available to only a tiny minority of women if to any of us at all ; for the rest of us, achieving the look takes a staggering amount of work.

    If I'm breaking out, I might use some toner. And if I am feeling really normal, I'll just wash with water about 20 to 30 splashes and pat dry.

    Appearance is critical to happiness and success.

    In other words, in the morning it's important to look in the mirror and see what your skin needs, not just blindly apply the same products all the time. This helps to release tension, increase circulation, and encourage lymph drainage for skin detox!

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    8. Kellyann Petrucci , nutritionist and anti-aging expert. I'm super-duper into two of our newest products: Rosewater Spray and Lavender Hydrosol, both of which are like skin comfort food at the end of a long day. They help refresh, tone, cleanse, and hydrate the skin, plus they've got some aromatherapy benefits, too good for budding insomniacs like me.

      But that's it — I'm not into coating products on that feel excessive and don't offer obvious results.

      How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

      She recommends standing on your head for a few minutes every day or lying on a bed with your head hanging down over the edge so you can get a cleansing rush of blood to your face and whoosh away toxins. Kellyann Petrucci. I also put a scoop of organic wheatgrass in my breakfast shake every morning, which is chock full of chlorophyll, known to help slow down the aging process. It helps to create a moisture barrier by sealing in the moisturizer. My skin is so soft when I wake up in the morning!


      Having cleansed the evening before, I'm not worried about accumulation of dirt, and I simply use a warm washcloth a fresh one every morning! Doing this enables me to retain the necessary natural oils that my skin generates as it recovers overnight, and to prevent overdrying and sub-surface cracks that can significantly add to skin damage during the day. I use a gentle cleanser every night, and if I'm using masks or gentle exfoliants, night is the time to do it.

      I spray it on my face first thing in the morning, and right after I wash my face in the evening. It is hydrating, nourishing, refreshing, uplifting, and rejuvenating. This really invigorates the skin and blood flow to the face, erasing signs of exhaustion. I also ice my face as often as I can in the a. It shrinks pores and helps under-eye darkness.

      If I'm exhausted, the first place I notice it is on my face. If I'm well-rested, I feel better physically and mentally, which in turn is reflected in my skin. Getting seven to eight hours every night also means more time for my products to sink in and do their jobs.

      Beauty sleep is real, people! Additionally, the hair products we use can rub off onto our bedding throughout the night, causing even more residue to accumulate. Bedtime has always seemed like the ideal time for probiotics, because that's when my body gets a break from digesting other food.

      And keeping your gut in great shape is absolutely one of the keys to getting your best skin!

      1. They look at what their skin needs on a daily basis.

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