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The Second Edition is subtitled in 27 languages to minister to the 4. Eric lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife Tanya and three children and they enjoy anything outdoors including building projects, riding motorcycles, hiking, and going to the beach. Hovind also remains undefeated in rubber band shooting contests.

What Was God Doing before He Created the Universe?

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Ken Ham , Answers in Genesis. It is in all the troubles among men that God is revealed. Time began at the creation of the universe, as recorded in Genesis , and continues until the final judgment at the great white throne Rev. Eternity past was before Genesis , and eternity future will be after Revelation In this span of time, probably around seven thousand years, God has a long history.

Although the record of His history in eternity is not very long and does not have many stories, His history in time is long and full of stories. They were competing to see who would come out first.

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Only in the Bible have I read such a story. Yet you can see God in this story because it is a part of the history of God.

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God’s Story

Daily Devotionals x. Daily Bible Reading Plans x. Recently Popular Pages x. Recently Popular Media x. The first verse of Scripture tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. The question arises as to what God was doing before He brought the universe into existence. This question has been a favorite of skeptics.

Robert Ingersoll, the famous atheist of the 19th century, wrote: If God created the universe, there was a time when he commenced to create.

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Back of that commencement there must have been an eternity. In that eternity what was this God doing? He certainly did not think. There was nothing to think about. He did not remember. Nothing had ever happened. What did he do?

Can you imagine anything more absurd that an infinite intelligence in infinite nothing wasting an eternity?