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A historical and romantic adventure woven around the story of Florence Nightingale. Gervase Howard is in her mid-teens when her working-class mother dies and she must go to live with relatives in service to a wealthy, noble family, outside of London. While learning various jobs, she is drawn to the eldest son, Davis. But instead Gervase becomes a companion to Florence Nightingale and accompanies her when the Crimean War breaks out and she is asked to create a corps of nurses.

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On the field, Gervase crosses paths with Davis, who has become disillusioned in his marriage and is drawn to her warmth and care. Both know, however, there is nothing more for them than friendship. Upon her return to England, Gervase receives word that Davis has been seriously injured in a fall and is asked to nurse him back to health. As he regains consciousness, he reveals shocking news that plunges them both into danger. Jacob's Way.

I remember a young girl no more than ten who gave me a glass of buttermilk just outside of Chancellorsville. I still remember that. She knew that he was a man who longed for goodness, and longed for friends, and perhaps even a wife and family. Finally she said, "I hope you find your way, Ben.

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God is real, and love is real. But God has other plans that will call them far from the familiar warmth and ways of their culture. Accompanied by their huge, gentle friend, Dov, Reisa and Jacob set out to make their living as traveling merchants in the post-Civil-War South. There, as new and unexpected friendships unfold, the aged Jacob searches for answers concerning the nature of the Messiah he has spent a lifetime looking and longing for. And there, the beautiful Reisa finds herself strangely drawn to Ben Driver--a man with a checkered past, a painful present, and a deadly enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy him.

The Mermaid in Basement. A wealthy widow of a nobleman, daughter of a famous scientist, and skeptic who only trusts what can be proven. Meet Serafina Trent. A woman about to take 19th Century London by storm. Sonnet to a Dead Contessa.

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Lady Trent must rely on her newfound faith to solve the mystery. Enjoy Victorian England through the eyes of Christian Fiction's most beloved author. Book 31 of House of Winslow. Jennifer Winslow had known only the finest life had to offer--until her family lost everything in the crash of ' Moving from New York to a small farm in Georgia, Jenny struggles to adapt to her tough new life. Then, through a startling series of events, she finds herself running for County Sheriff. Jenny soon discovers she has fierce enemies among the local moonshiners, gangsters, and even the citizens themselves, who scoff at the idea of a female sheriff.

Only two men support her: an idealistic young lawyer and a reluctant deputy. She finds herself drawn to both men and struggles to ferret out God's choice for her. In a blazing shoot-out, Jennifer Winslow finds her way, but not without cost. Emily Winslow felt deeply indebted to James Parker when she learned that his wounds resulted from trying to save her brother's life in the trenches of World War I.

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But by the time she discovered what really happened on that battlefield in France, Emily had fallen for James's charm. Devastated by his betrayal and overwhelmed by feelings of bitterness, Emily throws herself into her writing career.

She accepts an assignment to record the life of an isolated tribe of headhunters deep in the Amazon rain forest, believing it will allow her emotions time to heal. But all of her inner turmoil is churned to the surface once again when Ian Marlowe walks into her life. Emily is uncertain whether she can ever trust a man again--or if she can trust her own heart.

House of Winslow Book Joy Winslow is convinced her inheritance has been stolen by the greedy couple who took her and her brother, Travis, in after their parents' death. When Travis leaves to find work, Joy endures without him for only a short time before she runs away. Joy meets Chase Gallagher when he rescues her from a dangerous situation. Chase helps her find work in a circus, performing with the big cats.

Torn by family loyalty, love for Chase, and a desire for revenge, Joy searches desperately for a path that will bring peace. A Man for Temperance. In , Temperance Peabody, age 32, is a plain yet beautiful woman who has yet to know the thrill of romantic love. Raised in the Oregon territory where her parents established a strict religious colony, she was never allowed to have a suitor but now longs to have a family of her own.

After her parents die and a cholera epidemic wracks the colony, Temperance feels called by God to take the surviving orphaned children back East to their extended families.

Daughter of Deliverance (Lions of Judah Book #6)

But the only man available to accompany her on the dangerous journey is Thaddeus Brennan, a hard-edged drifter with good reasons of his own to get out of town. But life and love are unpredictable. And when another man and woman join the journey, and a shock awaits two of the orphans, this hearty story of faith and new desires duly follows. The grandfather of Christian fiction returns with the story of what happened to the winslow family during an earlier era when the Tudors reigned—tracing the doomed rise of Stuart Winslow within the salacious court of King Henry VIII.

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The determined Stuart Winslow will go to any lengths to lift himself and his widowed mother out of poverty. After a distant relative manages to secure a place for Stuart in the court of King Henry VIII, Stuart quickly learns that the court is really a wicked cauldron of vices, power plays, and temptation. Does Stuart fall prey to his dangerous ambition and accept the assignment? Or is he willing to face death at the stake for the sake of Christ? In this captivating historical drama, Stuart Winslow is caught between two worlds: one that promises material and worldly success, and one that promises salvation.

Is his faith strong enough to withstand such a challenge? The River Rose. But hope arrives in the form of the Helena Rose, a steamboat she unexpectedly inherits from a distant, departed relative. However, as plans are made, news comes of another heir to the Helena Rose - a tough man named Clint Hardin - and a clause in the will that says claimants of the estate must live aboard the boat.

As they restore the Helena Rose, the slowly softening Clint becomes attracted to Jeanne - who is now being courted by a wealthy plantation owner.

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The Angel of Bastogne. In the tradition of It's a Wonderful Life and John Grisham's Skipping Christmas…Newspaper reporter Ben Raines is a full-fledged cynic trying to bypass what he feels is the least wonderful time of the year-Christmas. See all 10 pre-owned listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Sold by thrift.

About this product Product Information Presents the story of two star-crossed lovers on opposite sides of a war - one trying to save her family and the other trying to save his people. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Pre-owned Pre-owned. See all Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. Trending Price New. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Most relevant reviews. Gilbert Morris's newest addition to his awesome writing I bought this book because Gilbert Morris is my favorite author. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. Signet Classics by George Orwell Whose Boat Is This Boat? Comments That Don't Help in the Aftermath of a.. You may also like. Gilbert Morris Paperback Books. Paperback Cookbook. Gilbert Morris Hardcover Books. Romance Books Gilbert Morris. Gilbert Morris Books.