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One Life To Live’s Todd and Marty: Way Beyond Merely “Disgusting”

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Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Thanks for taking this on! Allow me to voice my agreement with everyone who called this story a sick, twisted mess. You have all voiced my thoughts better than I. It is the beginning scenes of act two that will tell us if Brian Frons has insisted Carlivati and Valentini have completed caved into neanderthal views of women by leaving Marty and Todd in love as the next part of the story. We can argue if Carlivati is worthy of great praise only when this second act of the story plays itself out. In the end, Ron Carlivati has either saved One Life or has become a heinous woman-hating misoginist who has degraded every rape victim known.

As they say in the soap biz, stay tuned. Marlena says: Seriously, this is a fascinating letter.

You are right — the sex was foreshadowed from the beginning of the story. But as to the future … either Marty will kill Todd … or all the disgusted viewers of this truly trashy story like me and several other writers of the letters on this page will join together and hire a hitman. Or better … a hit woman! Its more than clear to me what a danger Brian Frons really is because he sanctioned this.

This man has no business controlling anything that people see on the airwaves. Disney gave him the sanction to do this so I look at them too.

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I stiooed doing Disney years ago when it dawned on me what they think about my heritage. Anyone who would write a story for whatever reason like this is a sick individual imo. Todd and his buddies pulled a train on Marty she was tied up and I saw it for the first time a little over a year ago because I refused to watch it when it aired. I was near the exit door but just went through..

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I am a TSJ fan and I am ticked because they refused my interracial love story Todd with Evangeline and I will always believe it was a racial issue. But they give me this for my Todd? So this is acceptable? He can re-rape his rape victim and the suits think this is ok?

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Somebody needs to be fired merely for being stupid. Marlena says: Bravo, bravo, Cyber! Especially tonight as I try and answer so many letters that clearly stupify me, especially since they are from the TFs dearly love! Fast forward to today: you are right, besides Frons, Disney should be held culpable for this atrociously anti-family, anti-female, anti-human story. It was terrific to see her as a guest star on Life On Mars this week in a totally different role than Evangeline.

You are right, Cyber, the current Todd and Marty mess is a sad, sad replacement for what could have been for Todd and Evangeline. The stench is definetly that of Fronz!

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Great column! Although I believe the Spring Fling rape occurred in , not It was only a year or so after the rape story ended when the show started toying with the idea of Marty and Todd as a romantic couple! I met Susan Haskell around or so, and asked her point blank and in a way only the surly teenagerI was at the time would!

Marlena says: Always great to hear from you, Liz!

A ella(karen Mendez)/gacha life

If Ms. This storyline is not only disgusting and sickening, it is downright offensive. How many times does Marty have to be raped? And now this. Whatever TPTB think could turn into some great story with this, they are sadly mistaken. The line was crossed. Thank you, ABC for slapping every sexual assault survivor because we are not victims in the face. Marlena says: Tishy, I cannot tell you how much I value this letter. You say it all!!!!! Thank you, always and always.

Todd pulled his life together, more or less, after raping Marty and terrorizing Nora. However, the past few years have left Todd shellshocked. He feels, rightly, that he has been a victim of horrible circumstance in recent years, and the people he cares about have not stood by him in ways that make him feel safe. As a result, his sense of himself has slipped backwards, to a time where there were no rules that he had to follow. He has regressed to his younger, more brutal self, and he is re-enacting his most notorious act. These are not admirable men, but I am guardedly interested in what this story tells us about Todd, about redemption, about whether an adult can truly escape the monstrous child within.

Damon is a professional therapist and longtime OLTL viewer. Damon says: Thank you for your reply Hedda, but with all due respect I must disagree with your analysis. First — Todd suffers from neurosis, not psychosis, ie, he is not actively hallucinating or experiencing bizarre delusions.

He still emotionally abused Blair and Tea, he still held 14 people hostage at the Buchanan cabin by tying explosives to himself And, what I find to be the most horrific crime, he sold off baby Jack for adoption and told Blair that her newborn son had died Third — When was this time that Todd followed any sort of rules? When did he ever trust others? From my perspective, there has been no growth, there has been no change, there has been no evolving of scruples or conscience.

He has ONLY apologized for his actions when it somehow served as a means to an ends. In short, Todd is no victim. This is not a story of being pushed to the brink by circumstance. This is an illustration of how a sociopath justifies his criminal behaviors. I encourage you and Thinking Fans not to buy into it.

As for the lack of concern here for Marty, I think Susan Haskell created one of the greatest characters on the show the first time around. Marty was a rich kid with a giant hole in her heart due to familial neglect and a desperate need to be loved. Did Aunt Kiki ever come back from summering in Europe? These defenders are coincidentally? I have stopped watching OLTL because of this storyline. It is the most disgusting storyline One life to Life has ever done and it has completely turned me off.

As a nearly year viewer of OL, this is the story that made me turn it off for good. When I saw how the wind was blowing this summer, I deprogrammed the Tivo.